Before using AssetAccountant for the first time, here is a short curated collection of answers that address our most common FAQs.

General introduction

What is the account structure in AssetAccountant?

What user roles are available in AssetAccountant?

How do I add assets into the system?

Can I bring in my existing opening balances?

What is the difference between a Classification and a Custom Field?

How do Journals work in AssetAccountant?

Troubleshooting bulk importing of assets

How can I make fundamental changes to assets?

Important note:

AssetAccountant can provide help, assistance and a ticketed knowledgebase via

Here you can find support and resources for using the software as well as detailed answers for various functionalities and troubleshooting guides.

Additionally, there is a video hub available at, which is a library of videos related to the many functionalities of AssetAccountant.

Whilst we are eager to help and assist our new subscribers get familiar with AssetAccountant, one-on-one consultation and data importing is not included in any subscription.

This can be provided by one of our implementation partners for $150 per hour.