We have experienced the unusual situation of subscribers wanting to vary the diminishing value rate for depreciation (also known as Double Declining Balance rate) using a 100% value, rather than the 150% or 200% as prescribed by either of the world's two major accounting Standards - IFRS or US GAAP.

AssetAccountant only supports Accounting Standards' methods in our software and as policy do not create deviating methods.

However, a potential workaround if you require 100% would be to double the effective life of these assets and selecting DV200% as the depreciation method.

The math behind this is, if you had an asset with a 10 year effective life using DV100%, the applicable rate in any year would be 10%, given that Rate = Basis ÷ Life.

Using this same logic, you'd get the same result with a 20 year effective life using DV200%.

ie:  100% ÷ 10 = 200% ÷ 20 = 10% depreciation rate

With Diminishing Value methods, it's the rate that really matters. So this "workaround" could satisfy this situation, but please run tests in AssetAccountant and satisfy yourself the numbers come out as you expect.