Half-year depreciation is only an option for the tax depreciation settings in AssetAccountant USA fixed asset registers and not for the accounts depreciation.

The reason for this is that half-year depreciation is an IRS tax concept, not a US-GAAP standard method of depreciation for accounting purposes.

AssetAccountant depreciates from first use for accounts in order to get the revenue / expense matching as close as possible, but we understand that organizations sometimes adopt half-year treatment for accounts.

However it is important to note, that when bringing assets into AssetAccountant, your net book value will be treated as 'gospel' on the opening balance date that you nominate and depreciate from there.  

So, if you have an asset where (assuming a 31 Dec year end):

Cost: $10,000

Method: Straight Line

Rate: 20% (5 years)

Acquisition Date: 15 March 2022 (or any date in 2022)

And you import the asset with:

Opening Balance Date: 31 Dec 2022

Net Book Value: $9000 (effectively half year)

AssetAccountant will continue to depreciate that asset at 20% per year ($2000 per year) and finish depreciation in 2026 with $1000 per year (finishing in June).

The same would apply for any other assets that you brought in further into their effective lives.