Are you unable to login to AssetAccountant and accept an invitation to an asset register or an Organization and the sender's account in Organization Settings (or Register Settings) > Users shows your acceptance is still pending?

If you are having trouble logging into AssetAccountant, have received an email invitation from an existing User in AssetAccountant and clicked on "Accept Invitation" and you are unable to access the required Organization or Register, and/or get a "something went wrong" error, this can happen for a few reasons:

1. The first, and most likely reason, is that the email address in the invitation and the email address you use to login to AssetAccountant are not an exact match. For example, if the email address you registered with is you must use that exact email address - an alias nor a variation will work. For example, although you still might receive mail to, AA will not recognise this and will not allow you to login and access the intended Organization and Registers.

To rectify this situation and be able to gain visibility to the Organizations/Registers you have been invited to, follow these steps:

  • Signout of AssetAccountant, completely (click on your name at the very bottom left hand side of the interface > Logout)
  • Sign back in at with your preferred email address and password credentials.
  • Ensure your manager / invitation sender is inviting you to EXACTLY that email address.

2. The second is that the invitation has expired, in which case it can be reissued by the sender.

3. Thirdly, you may have inadvertently setup multiple trial accounts. Check that you are in the correct Organization from the drop down menu at the top right hand side of the interface.