If you have invited new Users to your Organisation and/or Registers and they are not receiving the invitations, it is usually because on one of two reasons:

1. Emails from AssetAccountant are automatically being sent to your spam folder. Have you checked your spam folder? Please do so and if the invitation(s) are in there, in your local email client (e.g. AppleMail, Google, Microsoft Office) please whitelist emails being received from @assetaccountant.com.au or mark as "not spam".

2. Your company's overall email system is blocking or putting into quarantine emails sent from our domain.

Sometimes emails and the domains they are sent from are ‘grey listed’, which means the first attempt always fails but the second succeeds.

Our email delivery system has been carefully designed to achieve the best possible send rates. If you are experiencing email deliverability issues from our system generated notifications, please ask your IT department to specifically  'whitelist' our sending domain which is @assetaccountant.com.au.