Enabling this would fundamentally change the register's properties and reporting.

This is therefore not possible from a settings perspective.

So make sure you select the right fiscal year before adding your assets for depreciation and leasing journals!

But in the case of needing to make this change because your company has changed their reporting year, this is the recommended way of handling this situation in AssetAccountant:

Let's say for this example, you need to change country/jurisdiction or from a 31 December fiscal year end to a 31 March year end.

  • Soon after 31 December passes, run your last journal.
  • Run an asset export report in CSV format with closing balances at 31 December.
  • Setup a new register with the new fiscal year setting applied (01 Apr - 31 Mar).
  • Import all the asset data with opening balances on 01 Jan (which will be the same as the closing balances for 31 Dec).
  • Keep your old register in your account, but name it something like "Pre Jan 2024 - DO NOT USE"
  • Then continue running your depreciation calculation and journals in the new register.