Sometimes subscribers login to AssetAccountant and wonder where all the data is or why the system is prompting you to upgrade when you have already paid.

Recently one new-ish User quoted:

Help - when I reset my password and signed back in, your system treated me as if I were a new user and all my data is missing - and I can't add any new data!

Here are 4 reasons reasons why you may not see Registers in your AssetAccountant account:

  1. Make sure you have previously gone through the easy account setup and have an AssetAccountant account with your email address and chosen password.

  2. You may have setup 2x AssetAccountant accounts with 2x different email addresses. But only one of the email addresses has an AssetAccountant subscription applied to it.

  3. You have been invited to an account/register with a different email address. If you log into the wrong AssetAccountant account, chances are it is a free account for assessing the software, and you have not been assigned any privileges.

  4. It may be a permissions issue. You may have been invited to an Organisation as an "Account Member" at the Organisation level. This does not give you automatic access to nested Registers, unless you have been specifically invited to them by your manager.

The solutions:

Login to AssetAccountant with your subscribed email address with the paid subscription attached to it OR the address that others have used to invite you to their Organisation/Registers.

From there, you can easily add Users, even add your other address and deprecate the current one.

Or it may be a permissions issue. You can ask your manager to review the Organisation settings to ensurer you have the right access to the intended asset registers.

Also, you may have inadvertently setup multiple trial accounts. Check that you are in the correct Organisation from the drop down menu at the top right hand side of the interface.

A full guide to User roles can be found here.

Further, to understand the difference between Organisation and Register settings, refer to this article.


For data security and privacy reasons, AssetAccountant staff are NOT authorised to add or change Users or increase/decrease their existing privileges for Organisations and individual Registers. Please seek this action from your manager(s) who have been assigned the applicable User Roles identified below (a Manager, Administrator or the Owner of the account).