AssetAccountant™ has many features to assist with fixed asset acquisition and disposal requirements.

AA's partial disposals functionality is typically used by our clients that have multiple units of a single type of asset (e.g scaffolding, brackets, computer hardware, furniture, etc.) and want to write off or dispose of say 11 units out of one line item with, say, 100 aggregated units from an original purchase.

Or apply an area unit to partially dispose of a percentage as seen in this short video:

Sometimes however, more complex requirements need addressing.

A recent example needing a solution was:

I have a building that does not have all components broken out, and I need to do a partial disposal from that number because some components were damaged in a hail storm (roof, siding). It is hard to quantify square meters/footage in that situation to apply a write-off. So I did some computations based on the replacement values of those items and estimate what the cost may have been at the time of purchase/acquisition/build. So I would like to achieve a dollar amount to dispose of from the original asset to help determine the loss I will have on disposal.

Quantities like in the video can be used to 'hack' the sort of result we're seeking here, however this example situation requires a parent asset (e.g. the building) and a number of component assets (gutters, roofing, etc).

It's possible to build up an asset in this way using AA's components feature, where each component would have its own identity as an asset, however it's not currently possible to split an existing asset into components to effect partial disposals exactly as described above.

Current solution:

Set a quantity (with no units) of 100,000 and then effect disposals according to the percentage of the total cost or replacement value that those assets represented (e.g. if gutters represented 3.48%, you could dispose of 3480 of the 100,000). This will achieve the partial disposal result in this situation.