For Australian users:

The Low Value Pool (LVP) depreciation is an annual taxation concept (I.e. it's always calculated at the end of financial years).

There's a process for making LVP calculations at the end of the year which involves acquisitions, transfers and disposals during the year .

This tends to mean that you only know the LVP depreciation amount for the year on the last day of the year.

For this reason AssetAccountant will calculate LVP depreciation on the last day of the year and can't apportion it to monthly or quarterly reporting because not all the facts aren't all known until the end of the year.

Sometimes though, quarterly depreciation figures may be required for reporting/auditing needs, but they would need to be amended as new acquisitions / disposals / transfers are made.

To get these numbers from AssetAccountant, go to the 'Reconciliation' tab in the Low Value Pool area of AssetAccountant and Export the figures to Excel.

These will contain full projections for all financial years.

Adjust the financial year range using the calendar selector at the top of the screen:

From here, you should be able to work out quarterly estimates for tax provisioning purposes.