AssetAccountant can be set to auto number fixed assets using numbers only or any alphanumeric format (E.g. FA-12345).

Visit: Register Settings > Auto Number Assets

And check the selection box.

A systematic and consistent code will then be automatically added from that point on for all of your new and updated assets.

If you are importing bulk assets, simply select "-" in the wizard for auto-numbering to be applied to your import. 

What if I want to change my auto-numbering format? Is that possible after assets have been added?

Yes, you can make a format change to the auto-numbering after assets have been added. 

Once you've changed the auto-numbering format, you can update any existing assets by opening the asset, clicking on edit and then deleting the existing code (leaving -Auto- in the Code field).  AA will then apply an appropriate code.

It is important to note, that AssetAccountant's auto-numbering feature should be relied upon for allocating an identifier to assets for their time in your register, but it should not be relied upon to provide a perfectly sequential catalogue of asset numbers.

This is because:

  • you may make changes to assets or dispose/delete them along the way
  • you may bring in new assets with a different nominated sequence, or 
  • you may turn this feature on/off in Register Settings that will affect the sequence of automatically allocated asset numbering in the future of the register.

The behaviour of the auto-numbering functionality is that when you add new assets, AssetAccountant will pick up from the last number imported, irrespective if it is different to a previous import or addition.

For example, if you imported 326 new assets to a new register, then they will be issued numbering from 1-326.

If you then import assets with new numbering nominated in that import field, irrespective of your previous numbering - E.g. your new import of 50 new assets has specified numbering of 1000-1050 then AA will import those as specified.

Then, if you do another import or add assets via the interface with auto-numbering still selected, but no numbers specified for these new assets, then AssetAccountant will allocated numbers from the last known sequence - e.g. from 1051.