AssetAccountant™ can facilitate adding as many fixed asset registers as you need.

Depending on your requirements, there are two ways to create another Organization in AssetAccountant™.  You can either:

  1. Create a separate new Organization using the Organization dropdown at the top left of your screen, in which case you'll be adding a separate AssetAccountant™ subscription and be billed for each Organization separately.
  2. Create a new Register using the Registers dropdown or the Create Register button, in which case this Register (or you may define this as another company/entity/register) will be added to your existing, single subscription.

Are you an individual business or an accounting firm?

For businesses:

Most businesses typically require only a single asset register for their business. You can explore plans best suited to you here: 

For accounting firms:

Method 2 above allows you to add as many of your client accounts (registers) as you need under the single AssetAccountant™ subscription. This assumes you use AssetAccountant™ as a "tool-of-trade" and you'd like to be billed directly for your clients' registers rather than having them pay for the service directly. You can explore plans best suited to you here: 

If you are an accounting firm, but you have already started using AssetAccountant™ with multiple single Organizations using method 1 above, please upgrade your subscription inside the application to one of the accounting firms subscription plans. Then contact us to advise which existing Organizations you would like us to merge into your single AssetAccountant™ account.

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