"The depreciation calculations look wrong in the journal - we've had no disposals or additions in the last period!"

This is a common question when you notice a significant difference in depreciation reporting month-month with no acquisitions nor disposals to explain the difference.

It is highly unlikely these occurrences can be attributed to a calculation or platform error in AssetAccountant™. 

It's more likely that some changes have been made to your data, with an effective date prior to the date of your last journal.

For example, if you create a 31 March journal, then add an asset with a purchase date of 16 March, this purchase and the depreciation up to 31 March will not have been included in this journal.

If you then create a 30 April, the 16 March purchase and any depreciation up to 31 March will be included in the April journal. This is correct treatment, but it can be confusing.

If you encounter this situation, the best approach is to run a second 31 March journal - this will include any differences between the initial 31 March journal and the second, adjusting journal.

If you had already created a 30 April journal, you would need to delete this journal first in order to rerun the 31 March journal. 

Following this procedure should reveal adjustments made to assets prior to the last journal date and explain the difference up to the current point in time.

3 options if you do NOT want post a particular acquisition/disposal:

1. Create a second journal as per above, this will show any differences between the past journal and the current state of the system. If this only contains the transactions you don't want to post, then keep, but don't actually post this journal.

2. Unwind all of your past journals and recreate them.

3. Post Cost and Clearing to identical accounts - effectively creating a null journal.

See also: Oh no - I need to fix a mistake made many journals ago!