AssetAccountant™ allows you to separate depreciation data AND include individual asset identifiers.  This is achieved using two distinctly different features.

1.  CLASSIFICATIONS (register wide)

Use Classifications for allocating your fixed asset register's depreciation into profit centres, location, projects, account codes, etc.

Classifications can be optionally utilised to report depreciation data for each of your Asset Groups.

For example:

Classifications can be created in "Register Settings"

2.  CUSTOM FIELDS (asset-specific)

Custom fields can be added to individual assets and in no way affects journal data.

You can add as many custom fields as you like to your assets.

Typically you may include fields such as VIN, serial number, colour, user, warranty date, URL data, etc.


Yes, you can import both of these fields in bulk to a new or existing AssetAccountant™ fixed asset register.


  • Even if Classifications and Custom Fields are defined, there is no obligation to use them for all assets. Only apply them to relevant assets.
  • If a Custom Field is left blank, in either the manual addition of an asset OR in a CSV upload, no data will be saved to that asset.