AssetAccountant uses Stripe, one of the world's most ubiquitous payment gateways for subscription services like ours.

Our sending email domain is configured to be

The only 2 reasons why you aren't receiving your monthly invoices are:

1. You have changed your email address you registered with, or the Account Owner, who used to receive billing has left your Organization.

Remedy: Please visit AssetAccountant > Organization settings > Billing and change to the correct email address. If you cannot make this change and the fields are un-editable, your Account Owner will need to do this for you. If that person has left your Organization, please email with authorization from an appropriate company director/secretary/CFO/management with instructions on letterhead permitting us to make a change appointing a new Account Owner and/or Billing Contact Details for your AssetAccountant account.

2. This is the most likely issue. Our emails are being sent your your SPAM email folder.

Remedy: Please check your SPAM email folder for our emails. They are probably there. Then, in your email settings, please whitelist any emails originating from our sending domain of

You should now be recieving our automatically generated emails with invoices and receipts attached.