Do you have User Defined books in Sage Intacct?

If you are trying to post a journal to Sage Intacct and you receive a "transaction must be submitted" and/or "could not create GLBatch record" error similar to the below, then this is a symptom of your permission settings in your Sage Intacct configuration not allowing journals to be posted.

This is not an AssetAccountant error and is being generated by Sage Intacct.

The solution is to carefully check ALL of your Sage Intacct permissions. E.g. taking OFF the approval process for the user defined fixed asset books might be a good place to start to re-enable your journal postings.


Further, a general troubleshooting tip for Sage Intacct whenever you are unable to connect and/or post journals is to:

  1. Disconnect the Sage Integration
  2. Reconnect and select the 'Post Journals as Draft' option