If you are experiencing trouble with the QuickBooks Online and the AssetAccountant integration being unable to post journals and get the following error:

"You're not a listed admin for this company"

This is an error coming from QuickBooks Online NOT AssetAccountant.

QuickBooks Online is refusing the connection as the User is not an admin for this account in QuickBooks Online.

To fix this issue, review your setup for the company in QuickBooks Online and ensure that the logged in user is a listed admin for this company. 

Alternatively, if the User is already a listed admin for this company in QuickBooks Online, you can set up the connection with AssetAccountant using the appropriate person's administrative credentials.

Once the connection has been established, any user with Register User rights or higher within AssetAccountant can post journals to QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online will not allow the initial connection if the logged in user is not an admin.

If you run into any further difficulties, please raise a support ticket with QuickBooks Online as they are refusing the connection, not AssetAccountant.

Dropped connection between QuickBooks and AssetAccountant

Occasionally, QuickBooks Online will drop the connection between the two platforms, which means you need to disconnect/reconnect.  This many explain why you saw the Authentication Failure message in the past.  Are you still seeing this message?

From QuickBooks' perspective, the user doing the initial connection (or a reconnection) needs to be a QuickBooks Online admin. However this should be a very rare occurrence.    

Once the connection is re-established, any AssetAccountant Register User or Register Manager can create and post journals to QuickBooks Online. They don't even have to have a user account with QuickBooks Online as they are leveraging the previous connection made by a QuickBooks Online admin.