If you are having trouble posting a journal in Sage Intacct because there is no dimension assigned to an asset you have created, then probably deleted and re-created the asset, only to get a "deleted asset" error, this is probably how this situation happened and how you can fix it.

When the asset was originally created it was not assigned a Dimension in Sage Intacct. Therefore Sage Intacct will refuse this transaction, if the Dimension is check marked as being mandatory in Sage.

If the asset was then assigned to a Dimension that was manually created as a Classification (dimension) in AssetAccountant and not mapped to a Sage Intacct Dimension, Sage Intacct will refuse this.

It's very important to ensure that Classifications are synced in Menu > Register settings > Classifications > Sync with Sage Intacct Dimensions prior to posting journals to make sure that the Dimension in AssetAccountant matches one that exists in Sage Intacct.

If the asset was assigned to a Dimension after its First Use date, AssetAccountant will treat this as a 'transfer' from 'No Dimension to the nominated Dimension.  This will create journal entries against 'No Department' as well as the nominated Department. This is the proper treatment in these cases.

Deleting assets after journals have been created will almost always result in subsequent journal items for the deleted asset. In this case, AssetAccountant is attempting to reverse the purchase of the asset. To understand why this is the case, even though no prior purchase journals have been created:

  • When AssetAccountant creates the first journal for a register, it creates a background, baseline journal as at the start date of the first journal. This becomes the baseline of comparison for all future transactions so that AssetAccountant can detect any future changes that haven't previously been journalled.
  • The deletion of the asset created a comparison where the purchase of the deleted asset no longer existed, and therefore the reversal of this purchase needed to be journaled.

The easiest workaround here is to delete both journals and recreate the first journal again.

This will create a new baseline for comparison where the deleted asset will be taken into account.

The first journal will have already been posted to Sage Intacct so it will be up to you to either delete the first Sage Intacct journal and repost it from AssetAccountant, or just recreate the first journal and leave it unposted.