Unfortunately, AssetAccountant has no direct access to individual Sage Intacct platform accounts so we cannot advise on most connection issues you may be experiencing.

Your Sage Intacct representative must setup or review your connection, via their "Web Services" privileges to enable broader access to Sage Intacct.

Sometimes these settings may have been accidentally changed - as can happen if there have been recent Username and/or password changes.

Sometimes the actual connection itself can be accidentally terminated.

Fixing connection issues can be as simple as turning back on Web Services.

Here is a link to our configuration guide, which explains this further and should be actioned at your Sage Intacct administrator access level:  Sage Intacct configuration guide.

Make sure every single step is followed carefully :)

PS: Recently we discovered a User's Web Servers' privileges, generated by Sage Intacct, ironically were not accepted by Sage Intacct because of the use of symbols in the password. If you have followed all of the instructions and at your wit's end, try generating and applying another (and maybe another) new password that does not contain special characters such as ~ ^ % $.