You may experience trouble posting journals because you have inadvertently implemented Sage Intacct's "required Dimensions".

You may have already posted previous journals to Sage Intacct without Dimension restrictions, then when you attempt to post your next journal, AssetAccountant is forced to post a journal that unwinds previous entries where the Dimension restriction wasn't respected. 

Try this first, but the problematic scenario of changed Dimensions restrictions in between journal postings may still occur even if you have successfully followed this process (which is recommended first):

AssetAccountant > Register Settings > Classifications > Sync Classifications


If a new classification (cost centre) was added effective AFTER the purchase date of the asset, there would be no adjusting journal entry, thus no lines in the journal with a blank Cost Centre, correct?


That's mostly correct, however there's a difference between how AssetAccountant handles Balance Sheet and P&L accounts.

Balance Sheet entries move with the classification transfer, whereas P&L entries stay where they are (until the transfer date).

With the Balance Sheet items, it all comes down to when journals are created and what's been posted to Sage Intacct.

So, if:

  • An asset was created on 1 Feb 2023 with a purchase date of 1 Feb 2023
  • A journal was run on 3 March 2023 with a journal end date of 28 Feb 2023 (and posted to Sage Intacct)
  • A classification was set on 4 March 2023 with an effective date of 1 Feb 2023
  • Another journal was run on or after 4 March 2023

We need to take account of the change that happened prior to 28 Feb 2023 as this information has already been canonised in a journal and possibly pushed to Sage Intacct.  So, even though the effective date of the classification was prior to the end date of the journal, the journal had already been created and posted, so we need to correct it in the next journal creation / posting. 

This all gets a bit mind-bending as we have to think about 'real time' vs 'accounting time'!

Department and Cost Center are required dimensions in Sage Intacct - which is why AssetAccountant™ journals may fail in the above example.


You can make the dimensions as "not required" by going to Sage Intacct > General Ledger > All > General Ledger accounts > Search for the GL account in question > Edit > Under Require dimensions, uncheck the box for Department and Cost Center > Save.

Or input the values in the fields for Department and Cost Center while posting the Journal entries.

NOTE: The above fix was recommended by Sage Intacct support team. In complex cases like this, and you are still having problems creating journals in AssetAccountant™, it is most likely you need to liaise with your Sage Intacct implementer or their support team to confirm your GL and dimensions setup which need to be correct before beig able to post to AssetAccountant™.