Have you or one of your Users changed a password and tried connecting AssetAccountant back to Sage Intacct but failed?

You may have received a "invalid credentials" or "authentication failure" notification.

We have had instances where these errors are produced even in a Sage Intacct account that has had no known recent password changes! So read on:

It may be a simple case of remembering to ensure your individual Username/email address you use for Sage Intacct still matches what you setup in AssetAccountant.

It is important these match identically - so please check this.

Sometimes, this error is also triggered by the User in question being locked out in Sage Intacct.

These are NOT originated by AssetAccountant. They are Sage Intacct errors. Only Sage Intacct or your Sage Intacct supplier can fix these errors for you.

Unfortunately, AssetAccountant has no direct access to individual Sage Intacct platform accounts so we cannot advise which username was used to connect AssetAccountant to Sage Intacct in the past.

In any case, the "invalid credentials" or "Authentication failure" errors are usually not related to an individual Sage Intacct user's personal account.

It is typically a special, Web Services account which has the permissions necessary to enable broader access to Sage Intacct.

Here is a link to our configuration guide, which explains this further and should be actioned at your Sage Intacct administrator access level:  Sage Intacct configuration guide.

A simple fix for other subscribers has been to ask Sage Intacct (or your Sage Intacct implementation partner as appropriate) to CHANGE THE WEB SERVICES PASSWORD. We have received reports from subscribers that this has worked for these suddenly appearing errors.

Unfortunately it may mean you have to update this password in your related AssetAccountant registers.

Again sorry, these are NOT AssetAccountant errors, they are generated by Sage Intacct. There is usually nothing we can do except for offering the above information to assist you.


Further, a general troubleshooting tip for Sage Intacct whenever you are unable to connect and/or post journals is to:

  1. Disconnect the Sage Integration
  2. Reconnect and select the 'Post Journals as Draft' option