I.e: As soon as an item/product is Invoiced or Receipted in Intacct can it automatically create an asset in Asset Accountant?


AA can detect assets in Sage Intacct by connecting to the Clearing Accounts that you specify in your Asset Groups in AssetAccountant.

This 4 minute tutorial below outlines the whole process:

The video above demonstrates the integration between Sage Intacct and AssetAccountant. Asset accounts are opened in a register connected to Sage Intacct, with a new menu item called draft assets added. When a draft asset is added in Sage Intacct, it can be purchased through regular processes like Accounts Payable or journals. The new laptop for Jim is chosen as an example, with the cost posted into a clearing account and the balancing side into accounts payable. The entry is then created in Sage Intacct. In AssetAccountant, the new laptop for Jim is shown under draft assets, where information like cost and purchase date from Sage Intacct is picked up. The asset group is selected, optional fields like classifications are amended, and tax and depreciation rates are set. The asset is saved and appears on the balance sheet. A journal is created for the cost of the computer, which is then posted to Sage Intacct. The dimensions in AssetAccountant can be synchronized with those in Sage Intacct by mapping classifications to dimensions, allowing for consistent options when posting journals.