New Asset

  • From the Assets page, select 'Add' on the upper right side of the page,

  • Select 'Asset',

  • Enter the assets details,

  • Once you have selected an appropriate Accounts Depreciation method the Residual Value field will display.

  • Entre the Residual Value

  • Select 'Save'

Existing Asset

  • From the Assets page, select the asset you would like to add residual value amount to,

  • Ensure you are in the appropriate regime (i.e. book, Accounts only),

  • Select 'Add',

  • Select 'Reassessment',

  • Chose your desired reassessment date, method and effective life (these may stay the same),

  • Set the residual value,

  • Select 'Reassess'.

Note: Residual value is only applicable to the accounting book.