The process for setting up a new asset register will depend on whether you're a new user or an existing one.

New User

If you're a new user, you'll be welcomed to Asset Accountant™ with a demo register. To create a new register, select the green "+ Create Register" button.

On the following pop-up screen, fill in all the relevant details (1), and click Next (2).

You will then be prompted to choose a subscription. This is up to you.

Finally you will end up on the Add Assets screen, where you can begin adding assets to your register (surprise!)

Existing User

As an existing user, go to the All Registers page (1), and select '+ Create Register' (2).

Fill in the pop-up panel as you would normally (1) and click Next (2).

This will transfer you to your Register Settings page, where you can further set up your register with additional users, classifications, integrations and tax pools.