AssetAccountant™ allows you to import all of your yearly or periodic asset purchases into AssetAccountant™ with the import function. This saves significant time over creating each individual asset one at a time.

First, download the import template from the imports page. This will help guide you on which information you do and don't need for each individual asset. Fill in all of the required fields at a minimum and any additional fields you would like to assign to the assets.

  • Once you are ready to import your additions select '+ New Import' on the Asset Import page.
  • Select the file you have prepared with the additions for the period.
  • Important - As these assets are new and have not started depreciation Cost = Written down value (WDV). Therefore there is no opening balance for these assets, You must choose ' No opening balance' as the 'Opening balance date' on the second import modal screen.

Continue through the import steps as you would normally.

See the import guide for more help with the import process.