I have added an asset in AssetAccountant™ and I am trying to understand the links through to Xero. For example, how is the bank reconciliation handled? Where should the payment be coded off to inside Xero because I don't want to code the purchase to the Fixed Assets account in Xero only to have Asset Accountant also create a journal recognising that new asset in the Fixed Assets account.

I guess just trying to be clear on how the payment of the asset is handled between the 2 systems.


Use AssetAccountant™ as your source of truth for fixed assets.

  • Reconcile your bank statement as normal in Xero and this will get the asset into the "draft assets" tab in AA

  • Choose "Add Asset" or "Ignore" as appropriate in AA

  • Periodically delete draft assets in Xero to clear out the draft assets list (make sure all assets you want in the FAR are incorporated into AA first though)

  • AA will post the journals from there