You can skip this step and have the asset groups created automatically by the Import process (recommended).


** Note If you do, you will have to map the ‘General Ledger Accounts settings’ after the import.


  • Go to your assets page by clicking “Exit” in your register settings.
  • Select “Create Asset Group (blank)”.

  • Enter the Asset Group Name.
  • Enter the names of the journal line items as you would like to see them in reports. 


Or, if you have integrated with a G/L, map the G/L Accounts to the prefilled options.

  • Remember to save the Asset Group before exiting.
  • Repeat this process for each Asset Group.

**Tip, 5 of the 7 G/L Accounts are usually the same for each Asset Group. The two that vary are the “Cost” account and the “Accumulated depreciation” account. If you look in the top right corner of this form, you will see a “copy from” dropdown. This allows you to copy the settings from another group then change the individual accounts that vary.

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