Asset Code/ Number

Character limit: 64


Data held in this column must be unique to each asset.


Store asset numbers or codes if your organisation uses them here.


Component Parent Code

Assign a component (child) asset with the same Asset Code as the 'Parent Asset'. Doing so will link the assets during the import.



How many units are collated in this collection of assets.


Quantity Units

Defines the type of units associated with the asset. These units used will be mapped to asset accountant unit types.



This is a flexible free text field to enter information relating to the asset.


First Use Date



This column is not mandatory and will otherwise be mapped to be the same as Purchase Date. This is useful in situation where an asset is acquired but not put into use until a later time. This First Use Date becomes the asset's depreciation start date.


Taxable Use %

Enter in whole number between 1-99. Leave blank if taxable use is 100%

Some assets are used outside of the scope of business – e.g. a car might be 80% business use (Taxable Use) and 20% private use (Non taxable use). I.e. Only 80% of the depreciation calculation will be carried through to the journal.


Tax Notes or Accounts Notes

If you or your client has made notes about why particular methods, rates or life values have been used for an asset, you can permanently store that information here.



Classifications are a way an organisation can split asset group journal line items into more granular detail. Frequently used for location, project, cost or profit centres in reporting.


Custom Fields

This is a free text field useful for storing information such as serial numbers, registration, colour, etc. You can have multiple 'Custom Fields' in your AA asset register.


Simply copy and create a new column for each desired 'Custom Field'.


Replace the name 'Custom Field' in the header column with your desired field name.

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