(Spreadsheet 1 - Tab 2)

Below the register creation data collection table completed in step two, you will find four additional register-specific information tables. The cells highlighted in red are mandatory.

---> A. Check you are entering the information for the correct fixed asset register.

---> B. Define each of the client’s Classifications. They are also known as Dimensions (Sage), Tracking Categories (Xero) and Categories (Quickbooks).

Note: As these are new registers, the options are to create new or Ignore during the import process. If there is an existing classification, an additional opportunity to map to existing would exist.

---> C. Define each user from the client's organisation, their email address and their role Administrator (access to settings) or User (limited to asset-related functions).

---> D. Collect the clients G/L credentials, only required if integrating with clients G/L.

---> E. Define which Entity/ Tenant AssetAccountant™ will be linked to within the credentials, only required if integrating with clients G/L.

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