Are you getting a notification or an error display like this?

If you are having trouble accepting an invitation to AssetAccountant™, it is most likely a security check has been compromised.

Here are some reasons why you may be experiencing this problem:

1.  You or someone else is already logged into AssetAccountant™ with another account on the computer you are using.  To accept an invitation, you must be completely logged out of AssetAccountant™.  If you are still experiencing problems, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies for our application.  Depending if you use Firefox, Safari, Chrome or any other browser, a quick Google search will explain how you can do this.  Then try again.

2.  Your invitation email is different to your AssetAccountant™ account verified email address.  Make sure the person who invited you to AssetAccountant™ invites you with EXACTLY the same email address you use for your AssetAccountant™ account.  If it is not the same, ask that person to re-invite you with the correct email address.

If you receive an invitation and you haven't previously setup an AssetAccountant™ account, you will be automatically invited to setup an account.  If you want to use a different email address than in the invitation, this is okay, but as per point 2 above, you will need to ask to be re-invited using the correct email address.