Add a single asset

1. From the assets home screen, select '+Add' located in the upper right corner.

--> Select 'Asset'

2. Fill in mandatory fields (denoted by an *)

--> Name*

--> Group*

--> Cost*

--> Purchase date*

3. Fill in required Tax and Accounts Depreciation 

--> Method

--> Effective Life

--> Rate

4. Select 'Save' in the top right corner. And you will be redirected to your new assets page.

5. Optional fields include,

--> Assign Classifications,

--> Add Custom Fields,

--> Add Tax and Accounts notes,

--> Set Taxable Use.

If you select a date that qualifies for the Backing Business Investment (BBI) Accelerated Depreciation, you will notice a new check box displayed in the Tax Depreciation settings. Select this button to use BBI tax methods.