Some frequently asked questions

How do I invite additional users to my Fixed Asset Register in Asset Accountant™?

First, click on the AssetAccountant™ logo in the top left corner of your screen. Next Select Users. then Invite Users. This will open a form where you simply enter the email address of the user you would like to add. Select which register and what level of access you would like to give them.

How to toggle between Accounts view & Tax view

The period selector and group expansion/ collapse.

How to post a journal from AssetAccountant to Xero

From your Assets page select 'Journals'.

--> Select 'Create'.

--> Select 'Post to Xero'.

A successful journal posting will look like this. Follow the link provided to view in Xero.

How to Disconnect AssetAccountant™ from Xero

From your Assets home page select 'Register Settings'.

--> Select 'Integrations'.

--> Select 'Disconnect' next to you Xero integration connection.

This will Automatically disconnect AssetAccountant™ from your Xero general ledger.