Xero Integration (Connection)

[0:01] From your registers home page select register settings, then integrations. You will have a choice between our current integration partners. Select the Xero dropdown then the Connect to Xero button. You will be directed to a page that requires you to enter your Xero credentials. Once these credentials have been entered select the Log In button. You will now be presented with a page that will ask you to confirm data transfers between the application select Allow Access. If you have multiple Tenants (accounts) in Xero you will be asked to select the Tenant to align to AssetAccountant™. You will now see your live integration is Connected with Xero.

General Ledger Account Mapping for Journaling

[1:18] The final step in setting up your integration is to set up where each of your asset groups will write their journal lines in your Xero general ledger. Select an asset group and move down to the end of the page where you will see General Ledger Accounts. Select Edit to the right of the screen. In the form select and align each of the appropriate accounts where you would normally write depreciation for both the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement. Once these accounts are aligned continue on for each of your Asset Groups. Note in the top right corner you can copy the settings from another Asset Group to help save time and only adjust the accounts that differ. Now you can enjoy seamless journalling via AssetAccountant™ Journalling feature.