In AssetAccountant we have the flexibility to customise columns with a variety of data to suit your reporting needs. You can select and deselect any data that has been captured by AssetAccountant to be displayed. The customisable pages are Assets home page and all of the Pools (Low Value, Small Busines & Software) pages.

To customise your display hover your cursor over the name of a column and move across slightly to the right select the 3 bars (shown below) to bring up the menu. Now select the three verticle bars. You can scroll through the list and select (or deselect) anything options you would like to display. Once you have made your selections just click away from the menu to return to your screen. You can sort these fields into the order of your choosing by left-clicking the name of the column and dragging it to the position you would like to view it in.

Now that your columns are set it is useful to know how to search using these functions. Below shown in the first circle, you will see a search box along with many other search boxes across the row. 

Each of these search boxes can be used in a variety of ways to search for items 'Containing', 'Not Containing' or 'Equal To' your search for each respective column. Once you have entered your desired search, you can sort by ascending/ descending order. This is done by clicking on the small filter symbol shown next to the column header column name shown in the second circle.