In AssetAccountant, we support journalling to general ledgers in a flexible reporting manner.

Classifications help categorise assets into otherwise unspecified custom categories.

As seen above, Journals will divide General Ledgers into rows based on unique combinations of classifications and sort them alphabetically.

Adding New Classifications for single assets in the interface

From the home page, click Register Settings on the left-hand menu (1), navigate to the Classifications tab (2), and select "+ Add Classification" (3)

Give the classification a name (1), and add as many options as you want (2), then click save (3).

Repeat this for as many classifications as you need. You can always change details about classifications by clicking the edit button to the right of any given classification.

Using Classifications for single assets

Navigate to whichever asset you want to add classifications to (1), to the Details tab (2), and click "+ Add Classification" (3)

Select an Effective Date (date when the classification/s will become active) (1), and select which option of each classification to be added is accurate (2), then click Save.

At any time, you can schedule a transfer from one option to another, by clicking on the ">> Transfer" button.

Bulk Actions: Making Classification changes to many assets at once

The above information is for transferring Classifications for single assets. If you need to change many Classifications for many different assets at the same time, please refer to "Bulk Actions" functionality.